We are entering a new era in golf, where we see more participation and interest from alternative and traditionally outlier demographics. Gone are the days where it is assumed to be a luxurious rouge only for the upper crust of society. This is not a downfall, but rather a reinstatement of the great game. More and more people are taking on the difficulty, culture, luck, and mental endurance of golf.



It’s nothing new having women in golf, even though it’s rumoured that the name golf derives from an acronym trying to forbid ladies from playing (Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden). Found celebrates the persistence of reaching for equality. We recognise that golf is one of the many arenas that still requires work to achieve inclusivity. Let’s start with rebranding “the Ladies Tee”, or better yet, celebrating it.

Staying in our lane of fashion, we can safely say that self-expression on the golf course needs to go beyond polyester mini-skirts and colour sequenced tank tops. It’s time for premium textiles and modern cuts that can be worn luxuriously at the pub or on the course, something a little like The Shiz Knit.  At Found, clothing made for all cultures, shapes and sizes is an absolute must!



Long have we seen a cross over from different sports and athletes enjoying the game of golf, but never have we seen the insurgence of alt-culture acolytes take to the allure of this challenging game. Comparisons can be drawn from life to golf as we embrace their unpredictable powers. The mental approach necessary to compose yourself in situations of fear, uncertainty or over-confidence speak to alternative sports such as skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. This merge of historically unwanted patrons into golfs country clubs is making for interesting times. At Found we stand with progression and movement.  Golf is undergoing a transformation that both challenges and conforms to the traditions of the game. But please don’t force us to where that synthetic pink watermelon polo. When the day calls for that little bit extra, be it a once in a lifetime course, or a special occasion with a four-ball, or if you are like us, need every bit of help to build that confidence meter when approaching the game… let us wear what we know. 

Good news is these styles are now widely accepted in places they never used to be. You can safely arrive at the course in whatever you feel, just read the room, and know what’s par. If you cop a stare, good on you. Stay relevantly disruptive, and send it off the first



Thanks to COVID and several other inevitabilities, golfs resurgence is peaking. Pair that with some Netfilx interest in the shadow of ‘Drive to Survive’ bringing F1 back to life, ‘Full Swing’ has assisted in helping us in the middle-lower crust relate to golf and humanise a once super bland stereotype of pro golf - Nike Airmax’s and bold personalities can do that. This revived attitude has influenced the up-and-coming generation as well as the middle ground and middle-aged cling ons. Young people playing golf is something to celebrate, as they bring their youth culture and political correctness to the staid country club. Found believes in being relevantly disruptive and we will support you to do that in clothes that are suitable for all genders and all occasions.


This merely scraping the service of golf mutation to the current times of inclusivity. The beginning of a new and exciting era for an ancient game that has had a (mostly) stylish history of fashion. What a joy to be a part of this very necessary shift. 


Keep it together out there.