A brand that blurs the boundaries between street fashion and golf wear? Found is here and it’s everything you could hope for when it comes to inclusive fashion on the golf course.  Established in 2023, Found is a South African born, international golf apparel brand that reflects a collection whereby women, men, and non gender conforming people of all ages will feel comfortable and look great whether on, or off the course. 

On 13 December 2023, Found introduced their much anticipated inaugural range of golf clothing and street apparel. The collection reflects the brands commitment to build an inclusive golf culture whilst supporting sustainable manufacturing and economic empowerment. The garments are designed to appeal to classic old timers, those new to the game, or those who hardly play at all. 

Their premier collection is titled ‘Street Smart, Yet Golf Cart’ and is showcased in their debut campaign shot by Kent Andreasen and styled by Courtney Eley, as they present to us, garments that “transcend the green”.

In the words of co-founder Lance Peach “Found is for everyone. Every type of alt culture acolyte who has discovered the joys of an ancient game but needs it to reflect the way they show up. We are leading a revolution against golfwear that is curiously stuck in a cul-de-sac of tastelessness and blandness.” 

The brand’s design is focused around clothing that allows you to comfortably belong on a golf course without closeting your authentic self. The garments are intentionally created to blur gender binaries and are intended for both playing golf or participating in any other pastime. Think “From Street to Skate, Tennis to the Tate” 

“Found is inspired by streetwear as much as by the salubrious surrounds of golf course havens, so that you will look at home whether sitting at the pub or driving off the 1st. The better you look, the better you feel, the better you play  (that’s the theory anyway, the game will do with you what it wants).” says Lance. 

The garments are exclusively manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. Co- founders Ellen Keillar and Lance Peach have lived and worked in Cape Town for a combined 20 years. Through Found, they are bringing their knowledge and expertise of South African manufacturing to an international market. Found has partnered with local artisans to produce limited run collections that champion craftsmanship and support economic empowerment.

Their first collection includes a reinterpretation of the classic golf polo, baggy trousers, oversized knits, t-shirts, boxy sweaters, shorts & skorts, a boiler suit and more. The clothes are intended to be loose fitting and  designed with adjustable detailing so you can wear them the way you choose. Found produces golf clothing with a particular focus on non-gendered garments and women’s styles, moving away from the traditional short skirts and tight trousers. Inspired by surf and skate culture brands where garments have their origin in the sport but are suitable for everyday use, they believe that clothes should be worn and seen. Found garments are intended as much for the course as they are for the street.


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